Name: MIKHALSKY EVGENY (Eugene) Vital'evich

Date of birth: 12 January 1956

Place of birth: Leningrad, USSR (St Petersburg, Russia)

Nationality: Russie

Present employment: Gramberg All-Russia research institute for ocean geology and mineral resources (VNIIOkeangeologia)          Russia, 190121 St.-Petersburg, Angliisky Str., 1,

Position: leading research scientist

Home address: Russia, 197343 St.-Petersburg, Str. Matrosa Zheleznyaka 21-27.


1973—1978 Leningrad Mining Institute;

Degree received: Mining engineer-geologist

1978—1979 Special course of the English language at the Leningrad Mining Institute

1991—1995 Post-graduate studies at the All-Russia Geological Institute (VSEGEI); C.Sc. thesis “Proterozoic mafic dykes in the Vestfold Hills (East Antarctica)”

Scientific degree obtained: Ph.D. (1995)

2005—2007 Dr.Sc. scholarship at the Moscow State University, Geodynamic Section; habilitation thesis “Geology and crustal evolution of East Antarctica in Proterozoic − Early Palaeozoic”

Scientific degree obtained: Dr.Sc. (accepted 2008)

 Professional experience:

Academic studies—petrological and isotopic studies of Proterozoic and Palaeozoic igneous and metavolcanic suites mainly from the Prince Charles Mountains and the central Dronning Maud Land. Published above 60 papers and compiled 20 unpublished research reports.

 Attended to International Conferences: 6, 7 and 10 ISAES (Antarctic science), 8 ICOG (geochronology), 11 EUG, 29, 30 IGC.

 Between 1996–2002 a SCAR Working Group on Geosciences representative for Russia.

 Practical experience - geological mapping in Polar regions of Russia in 1979—1984; participated in 4 Soviet/Russian Antarctic Expeditions (1981/82 Antarctic Peninsula, 1984/85 north Prince Charles Mountains, 1988/89 north Prince Charles Mountains and Vestfold Hills, 1991/92 central Dronning Maud Land) with geological mapping, structural and petrological studies; participated in the USARP in 1985/86 (central Transantarctic Mountains) as an exchange scientist, in 1995/96 GeoMaud expedition by BGR (central Dronning Maud Land) and in 2002/03 PCMEGA by BGR and AAD (southern Prince Charles Mountains) as a guest scientist.


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